Chris: Editorial Errata

Chris is The Editor. Head Honcho. Big Cheese. Grand…whatsit. Here is where you can find his (usually inane) witterings. Chris wishes he had a name befitting witty titles such as ‘Huw’s Loos’ or ‘The Dan-ish Inquisition’. Sigh, he says.



James: Permanent Revolution

Online Editor
Unshackled from deadlines; unhindered by editors; free from the constrictive forms of print media: James offers his views on university, Web and world. When he’s not debugging code, anyway.



Dan: The Designosaur

Design Editor
A prehistoric relic of better times, a man of childish dreams and little actual knowledge. There’s good evidence to suggest he’s completely illiterate and got his mum to write his UCAS personal statement, but you’d have to ask her.



Huw: Epistrophy

Associate Editor
No doubt Huw will, in due course, come up with something marvellously witty and thought-provoking to fill this space. For now, you’ll have to put up with the fact that epistrophy refers to a musical motif with repetition. Who knew?

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