Nottingham University’s Judaism & Israel Society is currently working to ‘Make A Difference’. Their month of charitable awareness is being run concurrently with the Union of Jewish Students’ nationwide scheme.

The society’s Social Action and Charity rep Julie Dwek says that the month, which began on the 11th November, is themed with different colours every week. For instance, the first week’s theme was red, representing all aspects of donation and volunteering. The second week had a green theme, which heralded a week of attention to fair-trade and environment issues. Black came in the third week, reminding students of the current genocide in Darfur and helping to highlight the J-Soc’s ‘Protect Darfur’ campaign. On the 9th December, Dwek plans to hold a tinned food drive for refugees as part of the final ‘white’ week.

Miriam Zendle


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