Perfect Date Bars

So you’ve managed to get yourself a date but you just don’t know where to take that special someone? Here is your foolproof guide to the best bars in Nottingham – depending on your motives for the evening of course…

Bluu, 5 Broadway
So you want to impress? If your date’s worth that extra effort, and expenditure, this is the place to go. Downstairs in the cosy, yet suave basement you can get up close and personal on the comfy sofas whilst enjoying some top-notch cocktail drinkage.

Wax Café Bar, 27 Broad Street
To avoid the crowds and get a little more intimate this is the perfect option. It’s small and quiet enough to enable decent conversation with a relaxed atmosphere suited to those who just want to stare into each others’ eyes. The lighting’s quite flattering too.

The Ropewalk, 107-111 Derby Road
Bit unsure about your date? Need an escape plan in case they confirm any doubts? Or just too lazy to leave Lenton? Either way The Ropey is probably the best date-place this side of town. Looks like you’ve made a bit of effort, when really you just haven’t.

Revolution, 7 Broad Street
If you’re punching above your weight and reckon you might need some Dutch courage to initiate the goodnight kiss, this is a great place to get a bit wasted. Order rows of shots, and you never know… the vodka-goggles might even get you some action.

Wetherspoons, 11-12 South Parade; 9-11 St James St; Chilwell Rd, Beeston
In case you’re out with someone who isn’t worth denting the student loan. You might not sweep your date off his/her feet but after enough cheap Reefs and Smirnoff Ices they might not even notice the drunks perving away at the bar.

Tantra, 20 Victoria Street
Got something dirty in mind and want to get in the mood? The boudoir setting and floor-level furnishings here are sure to get your date into the right way of thinking. Just try not to let the sexy atmosphere make you peak too soon.



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