Table for two: Impact gets classy for Valentine’s

Red WineAs some old romantic once said, love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses.  Nevertheless, for blokes anyway, taking the missus out for a fine meal is surely one of the most stomach-able.  Aside from escaping the emulsifying clutch of ready meals for a night you really do get some tangible benefit for your money: that’s right, half the feast ends up in between your chops! So much more practical than sharing that nightie…

Although you could do this Valentine’s Day on the cheap and cook at home, it might be hard to produce the desired effect with a student kitchen and salivating housemates lingering in the background.  Impact, as a twenty-first century magazine, therefore encourages our readers to forget all that stuff about love being the greatest gift of all, and splash out this 14th Feb.  More progressive still, you could even go Dutch!


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