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The death of cinema

Fact: we aren’t going to the cinema as much as we used to. Cinema ticket sales are down globally and have been decreasing each year. But how can this be the case when the industry is at its peak and thriving?

Many critics put it down to a little shiny disc, otherwise known as a DVD as well as home cinema systems. Although this may be the case I put it down to one word the female sex uses frequently: snuggling. Yes, the days of groping your date or family or friends (your call, you’re the boss) in the cinema are diminishing. It is being replaced with sofas, the duvet from your bed upstairs and your girlfriend or boyfriend, or both (once again, you’re the boss).

The big problem that threatens the cinema’s future is the fact that more emphasis is placed on the marketing and the potential profit to be made off the back of the film, including merchandise, than the film itself. Hollywood and the big film corporations have it all planned out and their actions are already reaping their rewards. We, the consumer want more for our money and so are more inclined to wait for the film to be released on DVD and enjoy the extra material whilst ‘snuggling’ with our loved ones at home under our duvets.

But isn’t watching a DVD at home comparable to cooking? I can cook for myself, but I still go out to restaurants for meals. It is necessary to leave home behind once in a while and let someone else do the work. It is this need for escapism that won’t let cinema perish, although inevitably the smaller independent cinemas will die out, usurped by powerful multiplexes. The cinema is an epic place which shall never be ravaged by time, a place to escape, to experience, to… grope.

Film & TV

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