Editorial, Issue 173

So here we are, together in electric dreams. Well okay, it’s only the internet and is by now probably a large enough part of everyone’s day-to-day lives that I don’t need to wax poetic about Impact’s transition to being a print-and-digital publication, but it does feel like we’ve conquered a new frontier as a publication. Well, almost – the site you see before you lacks some of the features we didn’t have time to finish, but thought it better to ‘go live’ with this solid base than with lots of bells and whistles. We don’t even know how many people are going to ring them and, erm, blow them yet…so to speak.

You may by now have noticed that there isn’t a print version of the magazine this month, thanks to the efforts of a mysterious and enterprising cat burglar who nabbed from our office the only computer capable of producing the issue. Ho hum. In a roundabout way, it’s worked out: it’s given us something to aim for with the website, something to entice people onto the site itself (hopefully) and a shiny new computer which, though the approximate size of the Moon, should allow us to keep producing shiny little bundles of joy every month. Magazines, I mean. Not laminated babies or anything like that.

Us being on the internet doesn’t just mean that you’ll be able to read all the content from the magazine without having to bother finding a paper copy. In some ways it’s less, and in other ways much more. On the debit side, the website is necessarily much less capable of doing the kind of graphically demanding stuff that goes on in the magazine, and we hope you’ll keep going back to the print version for that. The online version, however, should offer readers lots of extras, from exclusive content that we just don’t have room for in our meagre fifty pages, to web-only competitions, to much more regular updates for our News, Sports and Nice sections. Not happy with something we’ve written, or want to discuss it further? Each article now has a ‘comment’ function, so you can leave your thoughts and opinions at the bottom and engage in (reasonable) debate with our editors.

Bringing Impact to the web has been a lengthy and complicated project. The vast majority of the credit must go to our dedicated Web Editor, James. Thanks to his Permanent Revolution, you should be seeing new developments across the site over the next couple of months (after he’s had a well-deserved break, that is).

It’s a bright future on our new horizon.

Join us.

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