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Impact gets the lowdown on one of the AU’s more alternative societies.

Canoe polo 1Who are you?

Nottingham University Canoe Polo Club.

What’s the deal?

Canoe Polo is a team sport, with 5 players per side. The objective is to pass a water polo ball round the opposition and score into the opponents’ two-metre-high net. The ball can be thrown or flicked with the paddle. Matches are staged in any stretch of flat water. Polo combines paddling and ball handling skills with an exciting contact team game. Tactics, positional play, speed and fitness are key factors. Body protection, helmets and faceguards are compulsory.

Who’s involved?

We currently cater for a whole host of abilities from people who have never even been in a boat through to members of the Great Britain U21 and senior teams. Our sessions are divided between more experienced players and beginners so that both groups benefit. We have around sixty people attending pool sessions with the majority attending beginners’ sessions on Mondays. Of that sixty around ten are female.

Canoe polo 2Do you think you’re hard enough?

At high levels of competition, very high levels of fitness are required along with strength, endurance and speed.

How good are you?

The club contains a range of players, from those who only train at pool sessions and take part socially through to dedicated players who train twice daily.

Any other business?

Nottingham Men’s A team have won the BUSA Championships three years in a row. Also, the British male squad are currently World Champions.

Highlight event?

BUSA finals at Hatfield Marina, Doncaster, in mid April. Around seventy Universities (about 700 players) attend. Last year Nottingham took five teams to BUSA, with the Men’s A team winning the competition.

I want to look!

We’re at the University swimming pool on Mondays at 8.30pm and Wednesday at 9.30 pm.

Want to know more?

Interview by Shirin Lock 


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