Lenton Boulevard Shooting

A policewoman was shot and seriously injured as she investigated a burglary on Lenton Boulevard around 12am last night.

Probationary officer Rachael Bown was with a more experienced officer at the time, but was shot in the lower abdomen as she attempted to stop a man near the scene of the reported break-in.

Nottingham City police say that Ms Bown was wearing body armour, which provides little protection for the area where she was shot. She was later transferred to the QMC for emergency surgery. According to Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Marcus Beale, "thankfully, in the early hours she was transferred into the intensive care unit where she remains in a serious but, I understand, stable condition." Her family are understood to be with her. 

The house at which the attempted burglary took place was occupied by five male students, only one of whom, Jody Ottery, was in the house at the time of the break-in. His housemate Alex Wyatt, 21, has spoken to The Sun about the incident, stating: "I didn’t feel safe from burglaries in this place before this happened and we were always wondering when our house was going to be targeted.

"At the end of the day, we’re students and everyone knows we’ve got computers and other electrical equipment in the house so we are targets. But you never expect anything this serious to happen."

There is considerable police activity still in the area, and reports of increased numbers of transport Police on trains have fuelled speculation that the shooter is attempting to escape by public transport. The scene of the crime is still cordoned off, meaning that many students are unable to make their way home.

Impact recommends tuning into The Pulse on URN at 5pm via the linked website or on 1350 MW for the latest updates on the situation.


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