Students unable to return home after Lenton shooting

A large number of Nottingham students were today unable to return to their own homes after a policewoman was shot on Lenton Boulevard.

Rachael Bown was attacked in the early hours of Tuesday morning after investigating a break-in at a house on the side of the Boulevard approaching Radford. The shooting prompted a massive police investigation.

The investigation meant part of both Lenton Boulevard and Ilkeston Road were cordoned off for forensic investigation, and were thus inaccessible to students wishing to return home.

Many were forced to spend the night at friends’ houses and borrow clothes. Ginny Sollen, who lives on Lenton Boulevard, was unlucky enough to be one of those ‘evicted’. The politics student and her housemates, one of whom is a diabetic, were given the number of a local homeless shelter by police, and told they should try and find beds there.

Ginny’s housemate Nicola was later allowed back into the house to collect her medication, but was told that she must remain inside and not exit again till the cordon went down. She eventually decided to stay inside overnight before leaving in the morning with her medication.

"We were absolutely wasted at the time," Ginny says, "and we were stressing a bit, but we just got on with it, realising it had to be done. It wasn’t too much of an inconvenience." However, she admitted that it felt peculiar walking along the road the next day knowing that someone had been shot 100 yards from their home.

After a wide-reaching forensic investigation at the site of the shooting, police tonight allowed students back into their houses. They have not yet caught the perpetrator of the offence.


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