The Lizard Lounge Returns

The ever-popular Budda Funk returned on Tuesday night in the newly refurbished Lizard Lounge to a crazy scrambling crowd clamouring to get in. Two queues of eager regulars waited somewhat impatiently to get a taste of what seems to be fast becoming Nottingham Uni’s favourite weekly occurrence. So what changes await…?

The interior has certainly been transformed from its former hole-like status, creating an environment more suited to the discerning student. A few licks of paint, mirror transfers and the removal of that scarily spindly circular staircase have done wonders to the place. It doesn’t exactly feel like an entirely different club (definitely a good thing) but clever manipulations to the interior have created space and a much prettier place to spend your evening. If only they had considered a refurb to the loos as well!

No change from last term in the clientele though, this night remains where you go to see and be seen, or if that ain’t your thing it’s the place to dodge multitudinous throngs of pretentious wannabes in the hope of enjoying some proper hip-hop (Jurassic Five, Roots Manuva et al…less of your Fiddy Cent crap) and non-intimidating DnB. Although, beware the potential weekly repetitions.

Bad news awaits upstairs with the unnecessary addition of a VIP room which provides respite for…who? You may well ask! Rendering one of only three bars inaccessible to the majority leaves the other two pretty much impossible to get at, creating a far from relaxed drinking experience. With the closure of the upstairs room to the masses also comes the relegation of the residnet guitarist to the latter part of the night. Occupying the new downstairs seating area allows more space for dancing though, and the quieter acoustic sounds are suited to the later hours – by the time the infamous Spud’s talents are showcased much of the frenzied bar-crowds have dissipated leaving room for a satisfying wind-down.

All in all Budda Funk encountered some teething problems on its re-opening, but all are easily fixed, leaving it entirely capable of maintaining the reputation it has deservedly achieved. With some new additions to the evening rendering it with a few too many things in common with the super-clubs, its intimate venue and fantastically diverse soundtrack is worthy of better.

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    Great review!

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