The most grotesque thing that I have ever seen

…Well, for a few days at least. And it’s not that bad. But anyway. I was traumatised. A bit.

The place: The University of Nottingham’s swimming pool. The spectacle – if you can call it that – a seemingly normal man, with but one difference: an enormous, bulbous stomach protruding crazily from his torso. And the worst part? He was wearing green briefs and shimmying around the poolside like he owned the place. Like he was Justin Timberlake. It was all hideously hypnotic, like that bit in the ‘X-Files’ episode of The Simpsons in which Mulder and Scully are transfixed by Homer’s undulating paunch.

Now, I’ve no problem with fat people trying to lose some weight – but come on, show some decorum

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  • James
    25 February 2006 at 00:43
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    Chris made it to the swimming pool! A round of applause, please…

  • Chris
    25 February 2006 at 09:11
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    Hey! I’ll have you know I’ve been quite a lot this week. In fact, I’ve been so often that I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve been. At least three. But maybe four. Hrmmmm.

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