‘Faking It’ Workshop at New Theatre

Ever wondered what the protocol is for kissing on stage? Or going further? How do you make it look like you’re really into the other person without actually doing anything? Stage kissing and sex can be an embarrassing and intimidating thing to have to negotiate as a performer; in response to requests from members, we’ve arranged a workshop to show you techniques for ‘faking it’ on stage; making it look real whilst maintaining a professional distance!

The leader of the workshop, Matthew Bugg, is a composer, choreographer and performer who has worked extensively with the Nottingham Playhouse and at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

The workshop will cost a mere £3.50 and will take place 2-5pm on Wednesday 22 March in room A1 of the Coates building. Tickets will be on sale in the New Theatre foyer before each of the performances of ‘The Treatment’ (8-11 March). There are only 20 places, so hurry!

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