Murder in the Sports Hall

At a recent disability sports event hosted by the Sports and Physical Recreation Department and the Students’ Union, students tested their nerve, balance and determination as they played the violent game Murderball. Ex-paralympian Rob Tarr led a coaching session which saw University rugby players smashing wheelchairs into the Students’ Union Exec. Wheelchair rugby is known as Murderball because of the violent nature of the sport and has recently received attention from an award-winning film of the same name. The only full contact wheelchair sport, players are able to crash into each other head-on, forcing the less gutsy players off the court in tackles that resemble a wheelchair version of Robot Wars.

A less aggressive but altogether trickier sport was attempted on the same day as a local wheelchair basketball team, the Mansfield Maulers, delivered a coaching session in which the University basketball team approached their sport from another angle. Team coach Ricky Stevenson demonstrated his skill on the basketball court and left University players and the SU Exec eating his dust.

Both events were popular and the Sports Centre and SU Equal Opportunities Officer, Martin Jermyn, have already discussed setting up further wheelchair sports sessions. Kate Woods, Disability Project Officer for the Sports and Physical Recreation department, said, “The department has a real commitment to disability issues and events like this are fantastic for raising the profile of disability sport.” The Sports department is hosting a series of these events, in which disabled and non-disabled students can participate. For more information visit this address. For questions or suggestions, contact Kate at [email protected]

Katherine Woods


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