The AutoDisko

AutoDiskoIt may also be the hazy delights of Jack Daniels, but there’s something about The AutoDisko that has whisky-stained shoes busy all night. Trying to keep your feet still is like trying to get drunk on Wine Gums. Indeed, if there’s a mission statement here, it’s to get everyone dancing, something frontman Ed Hope – think Seth Cohen doing a Brandon Flowers impression – takes very seriously, mincing from mic to synth before moseying through the crowd, making shapes with girls as he pleases.

Nottingham University’s entry for the Jack Daniel’s Unsigned Showcase set and riding the wave of fashionable synth-pop made popular by the likes of The Killers, The AutoDisko have been going strong since February last year. The amalgamation of various Bandsoc musical experiments, they settled on a New Wave Blondie-with-synths sound that they back to the hilt with their sleek, black tied/sharp suited attire.


Tonight’s gig, held in a mysteriously secluded South London venue, is the culmination of a week’s industry styling, with the band being educated on everything from sound set-ups to the ways of the music press. All a far, dull cry from the electro-disco excitement they carve up here; The AutoDisko live experience is as fun and frenetic as it is feet-fidgetingly infectious.

The AutoDisko celebrate the launch of their homemade demo at Cucamara’s, Wednesday 22nd March, 8.30pm. Entry is £2. MySpace.


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