The perils of Harry Potter film casting

I was delighted to hear that Gary Oldman has finally been confirmed to return as Sirius Black in the fifth Harry Potter film. Apparently Warner didn’t even call him until a few weeks ago, after his agent warned that he had another film on the table.

I hope that the studio is not so cavalier in future negotitations: the strength of this franchise is the fantastic rapport that has been developed between the cast, which has been mostly stable from the outset.

It strikes me as hugely important that the studio ensures that the cast remains together for the last two films, which together represent the climax of years of story. Losing one of the adults would be disconcerting (particularly since they are all so good), and changing one of the kids would just be completely and utterly disbelievable.

On the other hand, maybe I’m just oversensitive to these things? I’m still hurting from that ridiculous ginger-for-blonde Cheryl fiasco that Neighbours pulled a few years back.

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