Elite Protectionism

Changes to the immigration rules in this country have seen to it that UK or EU doctors, regardless of experience, will be favoured over non-EU counterparts in competition for jobs. This is enforced through the issuing of work permits, which can now only be obtained for jobs where a ‘home-grown’ applicant could not have filled the vacancy.
This is stilted protectionism in action. The NHS, which relies on overseas workers, is now resorting to discriminatory policies to make work for people closer to home (and presumably make it harder for economic migrants to prosper here).
In the same week we see the closure of a Peugeot factory near Coventry. The French manufacturers withdrawing because it was their most expensive plant in Europe.
Why are the government happy to introduce one piece of unworkable protectionist legislation to try and stem the inevitable tide of globalisation while taking no measures at all to try and save a sector of Britain’s economy that really is suffering? The threat to British workers from underpaid immigrants pales in comparison to the widespread cheap labour available when work is outsourced overseas.

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