Notts pharmacy offers free health checks

Nottingham pharmacist Neil Rudolph is giving local residents the opportunity to take part in a health awareness day by offering his pharmacy’s health sevices free of charge on April 11.

From 2:30pm onwards, Vantage Pharmacy’s health watch, blood pressure monitoring and diabetes screening services will all be available without cost. As well as this, the pharmacy’s cholesterol screening will be available at half price.

Rudolph explained: “During our health day, customers have the chance to review their personal well-being. All the Vantage health watch services on offer give people a thorough grasp of their physical condition and the opportunity to have a full consultation with a health professional that is highly trained yet friendly and familiar.”

The Vantage Pharmacy is at 407 Nuthall Road, Aspley, Nottingham, NG8 5DB, and is contactable on 0115 978 7472.

Dan Brenikov


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