AUT, SU and University release boycott statement

Nottingham University, alongside the SU and the Local Association of the AUT have released a statement pertaining to the current AUT boycotts.

It reads as follows:

“You may be aware that a resolution to the national pay dispute has not yet been achieved and the boycott of assessments by members of the AUT is continuing. It is hoped that further efforts can be made towards a settlement over the next few days.

You are advised to continue to prepare for your examinations as you would normally, taking account of the schedule of examinations already published by the University.

Examinations commence on Wednesday 17 May. If any papers are not going to be available to be taken on that date, you will be informed by Monday 15 May. (You should check the student portal and the University’s home page.)

In those circumstances, further information about alternative arrangements will be made available as soon as possible. The University, the local AUT and the Students Union are in close contact about the situation and efforts are being made to minimise adverse effects on students.”


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