Sussed ‘n’ able engineering

A group of University of Nottingham engineering students are currently working on a project to create renewable energy for campus, with a view to aiding the developing world.

Engineers Without Borders Nottingham, a new society, has spent the last few months designing and building a wind turbine which they hope to set up on Sutton Bonington Campus on 9 June. The turbine will generate energy to recharge 12v batteries, and possibly help power the campus’s many greenhouses.

Members of the society, which is aimed at looking at sustainable development and renewable energy, hope to spread the skills and knowledge that they have acquired through the project to the developing world. Drew Corbyn, the project manager, is spending next year building and installing wind turbines in the Philippines. He believes his involvement with EWB-Nottingham has been invaluable: “Using what I have learnt through this project I feel that I have an awful lot to offer in the Philippines.”

Next year’s EWB-Nottingham committee are looking at bio diesel and pico-hydro technologies and other sources of renewable energy. There is also the possibility of members travelling to Pakistan to spread the knowledge they have gained through the wind turbine project. To get involved email [email protected]

The project has been based on Hugh Piggott’s international best-seller, How to Build a Wind Turbine.

Owen Walker


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