Union leader to speak over AUT boycott

The general secretary of the Association of University Teachers will speak later about the current boycott.

Sally Hunt is expected to tell the AUT’s annual council universities could face “meltdown” if the pay issues prompting the boycott are not resolved.

In her speech, leaked to the press, she explained: “It is still not too late [for them] to make us an offer that reflects what we are worth. The money is there and even the employers accept that now. [I am] prepared to do whatever I can to resolve the dispute. The only way it will be resolved is through a national settlement between the unions and UCEA.”

The AUT refused a 12.6% pay increase over three years this Monday, and are expected to continue to boycott exam marking. Some universities have refused to even set papers for students. This could severely affect both finalists and second years.

The AUT say an increase of around 25% would be acceptable.


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