University puts goalball team together

On Wednesday 10th May a group of 12 students met at Jubilee Sports Centre for a free goalball event. This event was arranged by the sports centre to encourage more students to get into the sport.

Goalball is a paralympic sport, devised in 1946 to help in the rehabilitation of visually impaired World War II veterans. Today, the game is equally suited to people with perfect vision, as long as a blindfold is worn. Goalball is played 3-aside using a heavy ball, similar to a medicine ball, and players have to score goals by listening for the ball, which has bells embedded.

If being blindfolded in an indoor court with several other equally visually impaired individuals and a heavy ball sounds a little dangerous, organisers made it clear that participants do wear other protective items. In an effort to encourage participation in the sport, Nottingham University is looking to put a Goalball team together to take part in intermural competitions.

Any student of any level is welcome to join the team. The Students with Disabilities Association can be contacted for more information by emailing [email protected]

Simon English


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