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Clerks II (18)

Director: Kevin Smith
Stars: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Rosario Dawson, Jason Mewes, Trevor Fehrman
Release Date: 22 September

Harvey Weinstein was well renowned for his marketing genius whilst at Miramax so it may be no mere coincidence that the sequel to the funniest, the smartest, in short, the best slacker comedy of all time, is released just in time to catch a new year of students. Think Black Adder set in small town America without the royalty. Think The Office, with 2 American Tim’s and a corpse in the toilet that Dawn accidentally has sex with. Think Jay and Silent Bob but with just the funny bits. The original Clerks, financed on credit cards and shot on weekends, not only made Kevin Smith – it also made us laugh, a lot. Now he’s about to do it again.

For those of you who haven’t seen the original (where have you been?) the story revolves around a day in the life of our two slacker heroes, Dante and Randall who punctuate the mundane existence of simple shop work with a relentless stream of invective, spanning the terrorism of Luke Skywalker’s rebel alliance to the acceptable number of blow jobs your girlfriend can have performed prior to your relationship. Does 37 seem like a lot to you? For those of you that have seen the 1994 cult classic, you may notice the familiar Miramax logo will be missing from Clerks II aka The Passion of the Clerks, but rest assured all the familiar, if slightly fatter, faces will be present as well a few fresh ones; notably Rosario Dawson (Sin City) as Dante’s lust interest.

The sequel follows a similar form to the first, only ten years later, with our slacker protagonists now working in a fast food outlet. With jokes about ATM sex, inter-species erotica, Anne Frank, LOTR and whether Transformers are against God you can expect more of the same puerile humour laced with pop cultural angst with a side order of satire and political incorrectness. At heart though, the film is basically a Rom-Com: If you like Dude Where’s My Car? you’ll still love this, it just has more brains and compassion. If you’ve just made a bunch of new friends or want something to do with the ones from last year you could do a lot worse than checking this out, if only so you’ll know why everyone is saying things like “Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it’s forgivable to go ass to mouth.”

Tom Peck

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