Editorial, Issue 177

Well whatever happens now you have largely escaped the tedious and repetitive debate about declining standards in education. The question of whether your A-levels are as good as those of your parents will fade and burn away with the passing of time and more pressing and realistic concerns about the value of a university education come to the fore.

Forget about all that though, the three years ahead are yours to do with what you want. You could do worse than to crack into our pristine fresher’s issue and use it as a sort of psychotropic Ordnance Survey map over the closely bunched contour lines of your first lectures and out to the green oasis of that first night out with the beautiful people from your corridor.

This month we have a beginners guide to Nottingham and university in general. Study it wisely and wait for the zen-like order to descend. Notts uni news is still hot and bubbly and we have dispatches from Nottingham University performers in Edinburgh, the China campus and reports on the front line of student entrepreneurship.

This is my first and last editorial as I am abandoning the world of higher education after four long years to go and pick my way through the scraps of the jobs world. A summer of tentative decisions and an entire week of late nights at the Impact office will be sadly missed but next month I hand over to my successor Miriam, whose face will replace my own imbecilic mug-shot.

It just remains for me to leave you with a wise and poetic epithet to take onward through your degree and as I can’t think of one I will stop the nonsense now.

All the Best,



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