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Jackass: Number Two (18)

Director: Jeff Tremaine
Stars: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-Man, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Don Vito
Release Date: 13 October

Following the success of its 2002 movie outing, the MTV stunt boys are back for a second instalment. For those not in the know Jackass involves a group of American guys injuring themselves and taking part (sometimes as unknowing victims) in dangerous and outrageous stunts all in the name of comedy. The sequel reunites all of the original Jackass team, bar Raab Himself, allegedly due to an alcohol problem. Even Knoxville, now famous for films including Men In Black II and The Dukes of Hazzard, returns.

The first film saw the creation of the ‘Vomelette’, that is, eating the raw ingredients of an omelette before throwing it up, frying it and then devouring it again, and culminated in Dunn inserting a condom-covered toy car up his arse before visiting his doctor for an x-ray about a strange pain in his rectum. If these and its three previous TV series are anything to go by, expect even more shocking exploits in the sequel. Already confirmed are stunts involving a blindfolded Knoxville being rammed by a bull, Pontius drinking horse semen, Vito getting his tooth pulled out by a moving Lamborghini and Steve-O (arguably the most daring Jackass member) placing a leech onto his eyeball. Definitely a lad’s film, although girls will secretly enjoy it as well. You’ll either find it highly offensive and immature or you’ll love it. Either way Jackass: Number Two is sadistic pleasure at its best. Yet as the opening warning screen says, don’t try to imitate the stunts afterwards – leave that to the ‘professionals’.

Paul Cooney

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