The Slippery Soapbox (Edinburgh)

This sketch show was bizarre, hectic, silly, but above all, hilarious! The six cast members played a variety of characters loosely strung together in a tale about a geeky guy who is partial to a crossword and craves some peace and quiet, but who finds himself sacked from his job and lost and alone in the big, bad world. This world isn’t quite what you’d expect, however. Out of work superheroes, all-singing, all-dancing teddy bears with a penchant for attacking small children with hugs, a frightening Aussie running a Jehovah’s Witness training camp…all apparently normal in the make-believe world created by the Shut Yo Face team.

The cast introduced the strangeness at lightning speed, each scene lasting just a couple of minutes before the audience was propelled to another even more bizarre situation. Sketch shows can be difficult to pull off, but the energy and enthusiasm of the actors ensured that we giggled our way through an hour long journey into the absurd.

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