Welcome to Nights

Hello there boys and girls, welcome to the Impact Nights section. We are the devil on your shoulder whisking you away from your studies to show you the bright lights and cheap drinks that this fine city has to offer. Whether you just ‘love the lash and chase the gash’ or are slightly more refined in your idea of a good night out, we’ll be here all year to let you know what’s going on.

For the freshers among you, we’ve started by giving you an introduction to Nottingham’s nine most popular hotspots; these include the official student nights, and most of you will be frequenting at least a couple of these places throughout the year. Of course, Nottingham’s nightlife being as good as it is, this paltry list is simply the tip of a globally warmed iceberg of bars and clubs. Your faithful Nights ménage-a-trois of Nancy, Hannah and Tom will be dodging the bullets on the mean streets of Nottingham in our quest to fill these pages with something worth reading, or at least skimming over when you’re really bored. So whether it’s eating, drinking or dancing, we’ll tell you the best places to do it. Look out next month for our titillating preview of all the special stuff coming up this term and remember, we are too lazy to write everything ourselves – we want your contributions!


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