A Fresher Perspective

The legend which is Freshers’ Week/Returners’ Week was here and gone in a flash. Can you remember any of it??? Beccy Rimmer tells us what Freshers’ Week 2006 was like for her….

Fancy a quiet drink mate?…
If so…
Freshers’ Week at Nottingham University is NOT for you!

Now I’m from Blackpool; renowned for its dazzling nightlife, but I have never in my life felt this hung-over! Even though it’s imperative that you stock up on headache tablets and Night Nurse beforehand, in my experience, it’s well worth it.

Isis, Ocean and Oceana were the settings for the first three fabulous nights of my Freshers’ Week.

Even though Isis’ idea to have an outdoor area with food stands and scarily fast waltzers was unparalleled; the puddles of sick and squished food that I nearly ended up plonking my bum in made me gag! Space was tight, temperature was high and bodies were sweating. Furnished with a massive mermaid and red monster eyes gazing down from the ceiling, its style is unique but getting served at the bar is impossible! The choice of drinks downstairs is slim; Stella, VK or Vodka Redbull (in tiny plastic glasses!)… no spirits or shots… Tequila was off the menu!

Ocean was classy and stylish, really spacious with an immense dance floor. The music had a good balance; R&B, Indie, Dance and some slow oldies like ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for when you wanted to sit down and chill.

Oceana came out on top. Themed rooms, elegant decorations; a gigantic, multi-coloured, flashing chandelier covering the dance floor, neon lights – completely full of sophistication. Various bars, no vomit (woohoo!) the biggest dance floor and the best music. The D.J kept everyone roaring, with free glow sticks and his one-liners ( ‘This is the first day of the rest of your life!!!’) encouraging everyone to scream. The music was mixed but mostly featured dance classics and the night ended with ‘I’ll Be Ready’ – the official tune for Nottingham Freshers’,2006.

Despite queues, sticky floors and crowded rooms, when you’re meeting new people you just live for the moment and all these clubs succeeded in creating that atmosphere – you feel ready to tackle the next three years of your life. Do not make the mistake of staying in during Freshers’ Week, especially not when Nottingham is on your doorstep.

Beccy Rimmer


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