Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat (Theatre Royal)

Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat was my childhood. I first close[d] my eyes [and] drew back the curtain at the Palladium with Philip Schofield, and then close[d] every the door to me with the Jason Donavon Joseph soundtrack on repeat. So you can imagine my excitement upon hearing that Joseph was coming to Nottingham. I was ready to greet him, though unfortunately couldn’t muster the chariot of gold, of go-old.

I was so excited that when the curtain rose I couldn’t help but sing along, unforgivably ah ah ahing two verses early! Sitting silently after this humiliation I just left it to H from Steps to embarrass himself in the lead role – and he did. Though he was most painful to watch at the end during his one man ego trip that was the finale, you have to give him credit for acting so well that you too would want to throw him into a pit.

Pharoh’s performance really stole the show, though the dancing was disappointing throughout. H was not Philip, three keyboards was not an orchestra, but Joseph will be forever Joseph and that’s what matters.

Daniel Lichman

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