SNOG’ @ Jumpin Jaks every Thursday night, £4.

Yes they actually called it ‘SNOG’! We sent Cathy to see if the new night at Jumpin Jaks does exactly what it says on the tin….

How did Jaks go from being a Thursday night student institution to such a taboo subject? Perhaps because as dashing as the fake ghetto graffiti and checked-shirt bar staff are, ending your night on the hokey-cokey before collapsing outside Wagamama’s isn’t always conducive to good banter. And if you call a night ‘SNOG’ you can expect to attract a certain clientele; I could almost smell the testosterone as horny lads leered at dolled up girls as they shook their bits unappealingly to the Tweenies theme tune on the MFI style floorboards …all in a good night at Jaks.

Let us not be so downcast however; I happen to know a couple who got together at Jaks last year (in the corner pressed up against the cigarette machine…) and they are still together today. What could be more romantic than that?

Cathy Adams.


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