Sugar (New Theatre)

Featuring tap-dancing mobsters, scantily-clad show girls and strapping blokes in strappy sandals Sugar is a show with something for everyone! With the addition of musical numbers and some very snappy dancing, Sugar is an adaptation of the well-loved film Some Like It Hot taking us back to the prohibition days of 1929 Chicago. Impoverished jazz musicians, Joe and Jerry, find themselves on the run from the mafia. The solution seems to be to take a job with a jazz band departing for Florida, but there’s a hitch: the band is strictly all girls.

But, desperate times call for desperate measures… and cross-dressing! In the batting of an eyelash the boys/ girls are off to the sun with Sweet Sue’s Syncopated Singers, soon to discover consolation in the pleasing shape of blonde bombshell Sugar Cane. The jokes keep on coming in this sharp script and the superb cast milk them to the full.

As well as our leading lady-boys, look out for some other great comic turns from the bespectacled band manager Bienstock and ‘naughty old man’ Sir Osgood Fielding. Though the songs will be new to you, the sense of fun created by both cast and hard-working orchestra will have you caught up in the frothiness before you can say jazz hands. The New Theatre stage, more accustomed to hosting more serious subject matter, is surely delighted to be home to singing girls in negligees and a carnival of silly jokes. End the year by lightening up: be sure not to deny yourself Sugar.

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