Vodka Revolution @ The Cornerhouse

After walking straight past the entrance after missing the discreet star logo which was competing with the bigger signs adorning the outside of the Cornerhouse, I found the new Revolution to be a pleasant surprise.

Deceptively small on the outside, it stretches back far enough to accommodate generous seating, a huge and very ornate bar and still manages to fit a sizeable dance floor right at the back.

The décor is swish, with lots of comfy leather booths and sofas to relax in, which come in handy in its busier periods when there can be a rather long wait to get hold of a drink. Still there’s enough paraphernalia hanging from the walls and ceilings, including numerous lights and disco balls reflected in giant mirrors, to keep you amused whilst you decide which of the various vodka based beverages you’re going to try.

Put simply, if you like vodka, you’ll love it. There are over thirty different flavours of vodka shots to try, and if you’re with a group (or brave!) the vodka sticks available give you a chance to try 6 shot flavours at a cheaper rate than buying them individually. If you are into your shots, it is worth getting a privilege card which drops the price down from £1.75 to a £1. In addition, bar staff periodically wander around with reduced price shots if you find you can’t get up for your next one.
The cocktails are nice, if not a bit overpriced at around a fiver and if you have somehow had enough of vodka by now, the usual alternatives are available at the bar.

In general, Vodka Revolution is a haven for the vodka lover and it’s a nice enough place keep the vodka haters among you happy if you happen to visit.

Hannah Lewis


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