Another League

Intra-mural football is great for those traditionalists who love nothing
better than rolling around in the gunge of Grove farm, however many students
are now instead looking to all-weather astro turf to cater for their weekly
football fix.

Situated next to the farm is a classier, refined joint that goes by the name
of Powerleague; offering students the chance to strut their stuff with
grazes rather than grass the order of the day. With record numbers of
Nottingham students taking part in this year’s Powerleague Student League,
Powerleague seems the place to play. However, it can be a costly venture
with pricey taxi rides and the lack of referees leading many to look
elsewhere for their kicks.

That’s where Campus League comes in. The brain child of University of
Nottingham student Steven Jankowski, it offers an alternative for those who
want to play a little closer to home. Where for the same price as
Powerleague, you can play within strolling distance at the Sports centre
astro, with a referee keeping a firm lid on those tasty tackles.
So why isn’t everyone turning to Campus League for its student soccer?

The fact is that compared to over 150 student teams taking part in
Powerleague on a Wednesday and Sunday, Campus League only operates for three
hours on a Tuesday and can only accommodate 18 teams. It is here where you
can see why the current coordinator of Campus League, Ed Muhley, refers to
it as an ‘alternative rather than a competitor of Powerleague’.

With Daryl Slater, the assistant manager of Powerleague Nottingham,
revealing that next year they are set to unveil their new rubber crumb fifth
generation pitches (as used by Real Madrid and Chelsea), it appears Campus
League will be left to feed off the crumbs.

Michael Leyland


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