Lecturers told to spy on Asian looking students

It has been reported that lecturers and university staff across Britain are being told to spy on Asian looking and Muslim students. The Guardian explained that the government wants them to do this if they are suspected of involvement in Islamic extremism and of supporting terrorist violence. They will be told to report their suspicion to a specialist police unit, as the government fears that university campuses have become fertile recruiting grounds for extremists.

Abi Malik, the Vice-President of the Islamic society gauged the opinion of Musilm students in response to the proposed policy: “It is mainly one of anger, but at the same time frustration that there is still a lot of ignorance out there. A more effective method would be to create dialogue and understanding, but this policy would just isolate people more.” Of their experience on Nottingham campuses, Malik said: “We haven’t had any problems in Nottingham. We try to promote events within the SU and try to get people involved.” The university’s public affairs team’s response was impartial, saying that they had received no formal communication from the government and that the Islamic society at the university was an example of good practice on our cosmopolitan campus. It seems therefore that very few people believe such a policy is necessary, and should be scrapped before it has been given any more thought by the government.


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