Mickey Mouse degrees vital to the UK economy

A report for the Vice-Chancellors’ group, Universities UK, has today claimed that degrees, previously known for their less academic studies, are in fact vital to the UK economy.

The wide range of degree courses available means that the UK has “a workforce with diverse and specific skills”, said Universities UK’s president, Professor Drummond Bone.

Prof Bone attacks anyone using the term Mickey Mouse degree and claims that they are “the mouse that roared”

According to the report, these degrees will teach skills and can increase future employability. Surf Science and Technology, available to Plymouth University aims to teach management skills for the growing Surf Industry. Whilst, London Metropolitan’s Cosmetic Science degree covers research, marketing and technical sales in another growing industry.

The business community agrees with the necessity of a high skilled economy. Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI, added that highly skilled graduates were needed if the UK was to retain its position as the fifth largest economy in the world.

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