NUS Delegate disqualified from Election

Mustapha Muhammed has been disqualified from the NUS Delegate election, which took place earlier this month. It had been accused that a supporter had interfered with people votes, whilst they were logged into The Portal in computer rooms on campus.

According to SU election rules state that candidates must take full responsibility for their official supporters. And so, after appeal, Muhammed was disqualified.

The supporter has been referred to the University’s Registrar, but the Students’ Union would not comment on whether further action will be taken.

Two other Delegates were, however, successful in their appeals. SU Intersite Officer, Ed Keene and Kim Kotchanski were both disqualified for breaking electronic campaigning rules, but today both rulings were quashed by the Appeals Committee. Ed Keene will now stand as an NUS Delegate, but Kim Kotchanski did not gain sufficient votes to secure a post.


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