Soap characters slammed for being poor role models

Soap characters have been blamed for a lack of ambition in today’s youth. A learning skills council has said programme makers need to show young soap stars in a more realistic light.

Teenage characters in soap opera’s such as Eastenders and Coronation Street are often stuck in dead-end jobs which do little to inspire yound viewers. The director of the Young Peoples’ Learning and Skills Council feels that if soap characters remain in dead-end jobs there is a danger that young people will accept this as the norm. Consequently she has urged characters moving up in life. For example Eastenders star Stacey slater, a market stall holder could be shown as a buyer.

Whilst most young people have high aspirations, there are still thousands who don’t have a set of qualifications.
Students disagreed however, with many feeling that watching soaps makes them less likely to desire such a life. However, Dean, a third year Psychology student admitted that “if someone doesn’t have any role models, you can understand why such a person may find themselves acting more like their favourite soap character.”


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