University says no to CPU

Nottingham University were considering plans to outsource the production of hall food to a multinational company, Sodexho. But, it has been announced that these plans are to be scrapped.

Sodexho, would have meals prepared and cooked in Wales, then chilled, to be reheated in on Campus. Students were angry at this proposal and natually set up a Facebook group:

“We object for the following reasons:
1) We believe the food quality will decrease in taste and nutritional value.
2) We believe the food will decrease in value for money.
3) We believe the CPU will further homogenise halls.
4) We believe the CPU will have extensive and detrimental environmental impacts.”

The University carried out extensive market research, which indicated there was a significant drop in food quality.

SU President, Dave Willey said that he thought it has created competition with Nottingham Hospitality, and food standards are now better.

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