Gordon Cheung Art Exhibition at the Lakeside

Gordon Cheung’s paintings are an expression of how the globalisation of our economy-driven, nanosecond lifestyle effects our perception of the world – nature swallowed up by data. His innovative use of the Financial Times as the background on which he has ink and spray painted landscapes acts as a metaphor of the control of nature by human constructions, or of the birth of a new virtual reality of information overload.

The cartoon-like images of clowns and ghosts and psychedelic colours seem ominous and out of place, yet it is these aspects which push the traditional oriental brush painting into the new millennium. This strange combination of natural and manmade, sublime and technological, creates a rare sense of immediacy and apocalyptic content.

Cheung’s artwork is not detached and insular but bound up with central issues faced today. He uses art as a way of reflecting the pace of change and expressing the feelings of fear and apprehension such globalisation invokes. The inventive style and unique and thought provoking ideas make his exhibition a fascinating visit.



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