A Pain In The Butt

Nottingham City Council has issued its highest penalty for a single fine for the disposal of a cigarette on the ground. Kylie Henson was witnessed by a Community Protection Officer disposing of a cigarette onto the floor in the Old Market Square in January.
Miss Henson failed to pay the fixed penalty notice that was issued for the disposal which resulted in the case being heard before the Nottingham Magistrates Court in July and after she failed to appear at Court, a guilty verdict was decided in her absence. The penalty was £350 for the fixed penalty notice and Miss Henson was also ordered to pay £100 legal costs and £72.66 investigation costs, totaling £522.66. She was ordered to pay in full within 14 days. This is one of the highest penalties for a single fine so far and gives a strong message to offenders that Nottingham City Council operates a zero tolerance towards littering and will not stand for people who continue to drop litter on the ground. It is clear that this case was used to make an example of the council’s policy towards littering. This case comes at a time when residents and particularly students In the Lenton and Wollaton area are being threatened with fines of up to £500 if they do not take their bins in after the collection each week.

Pippa Vaux


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