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For those just beginning their first year at Nottingham, the part that drinking and partying plays in a student’s life is already common knowledge. Yet what many freshers discover during their time at university is that the fun doesn’t end when you leave the bar or club- phase two of the night begins when the mandatory takeaway is ordered. Many are often overwhelmed by the deluge of flyers and menus that find their way under hall doors, each offering special deals on every type of takeaway you can think of. Two Nottingham students have recently made the national press with their simple and easy to use method for ordering takeaways online.

Josh Magidson and Jeremy Elster were in their first year when they came up with the idea. “it seemed like such an obvious idea at the time,” says Jeremy. “As we trudged home over a carpet of sodden takeaway menus after a night out, it just seemed better to have everything in one simple, easy to access site.” And so was born. Through talks with many local restaurants, the pair have so far managed to put a majority of menus from pizza to Indian takeaways on the site whilst including special discounts when ordering through them. “It’s handy because most students will have a computer or laptop on their desk and the site doesn’t take hours to load” says Josh. With the site already receiving over 200 hits a day, flyers could soon become a thing of the past whilst also saving vast amounts of paper. Now the pair are hoping to expand the idea to universities across the country with the opportunity for other business-minded students to purchase a franchise on the internet. Although they both maintain it is not about making money, “what is more important is that we are having fun and doing something that is useful, its just disappointing that we have to think of our university work too and not do it full time!” Nevertheless, the pair are planning to have a stall at the Fresher’s Fayre this year and hope to continue to spread the word of a site which certainly has the potential to become many a student’s companion for the next few years.

Emily Grosvenor-Taylor


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