Lead A Happier Life Through The Power Of Putty

What I really wanted was a Transformers toy, but this thinking putty stuff is, in fact, incredible. You can make anything out of it! The drawback is that it doesn’t ever stay in the form you make out of it for longer than 2 minutes, and it’s difficult to mould any clean lines from it. Which made it impossible to make an actual Transformer out of it. Disappointed.

The putty is designed to be played about with, and it really is perfect as a replacement to those 90s style stress balls that always ended up breaking. On first inspection, it looks like a bit of white crap in a metal tub, and not even worthy of a “gadget” style review. And true, it’s not really a gadget at all, but it does all the things you could want from a gadget without having a microchip in it. When rolled into a ball it bounces terrifically; play with it on a train and people will flock to come and see what you’re playing with. Bring it to a lecture and imagine you’re squeezing someone’s brain out – it will no doubt help your concentration, and I reckon it could strengthen some of my arm muscles. I also have found how it’s replaced biting my nails as a form of boredom. Hooray!

I also took the putty to a rave as a malleable glow stick…it only blimmin glows in the dark as well! Multi-purpose, cheap and seriously fun, the putty does exactly what it says on the tin.

Get yourself an arm and brain work out with some thinking putty from our friends at, priced at £9.95, available in glow in the dark and other colours.

Rating: 4/5

Tash Beecher


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