Meet Your Exec

Gerald Bates

Role: Representing student interests to bodies such as the University, community groups and local and national government.
Aims: Ensuring the successful operation of the new Union bars ‘Mooch’ and the ‘Venue’, successfully establishing ‘Unipol’ and ensuring better communication across the Union, for example through the new SU website. Carrying out a review of the structure of the SU Exec to make sure that we can continue to achieve the best deal for all Nottingham Students.

Phil Richards

Athletic Union Officer
Role: Overseeing sport at the university and encouraging inclusion and participation in all areas, for all abilities, covering sport from grassroots intra-mural to elite BUSA (British Universities Sports Association) competition.
Aims: To continue the excellent performance in BUSA that we achieved this year (5th out of 148 institutions) and to raise the profile of sport within the union, especially the intra-mural system. More inclusion of those teams/students that live on the campuses other than University Park and better communication through the new SU website.

Lou Green

Community Officer
Role: Representing student interests in the wider community and maintaining relationships with permanent residents.
Aims: Getting even more students involved in our community and highlighting the positive impact students make. Bringing community issues to the forefront, continually working for better housing and safer streets and taking the ‘Sshh! Campaign’ from patronizing to iconic!

Matt Gayle

Education Officer
Role: Representing course-related issues for students.
Aims: To work towards getting accreditation for extra-curricular activities, including part-time jobs, and better tutorial support for students.

Gavin Todd-James

Democracy and Communications
Role: Ensuring the integrity of the democratic structures of the Union including running all the big elections for SU Officers and NUS Delegates. Managing the Union’s communications with its members and producing documents like The Guide and updating the Union Website.
Aims: To dedicate much of my time to the new SU website allowing Students to sign up for clubs and societies online, letting clubs and societies manage their training and budgets through the web and selling tickets to all SU Club Nights alongside much, much more.

Matt Leventhall

Societies Officer
Role: Providing a link between students, societies and the Union. Guide new societies in forming and affiliating with the Union and ensure that all societies are open, safe, fair and inclusive of all members of the SU. Organising Refreshers Fayre and the annual Societies Ball and Awards.
Aims: To increase the amount of space and funding available to societies. To extend my remit and so provide more support to societies that form beneath associations, and provide further support to all of our sites and campuses. To make the Societies Ball an even bigger event than last year by including awards for student-run-services into the ceremony.

Jenny Smith

Welfare Officer
Role: Representing the welfare of students, running a number of campaigns, and raising awareness of welfare related topics such as crime prevention, housing, sexual and mental health, financial hardship, and exam stress.
Aims: To raise the profile of welfare services and campaigns across all campuses, making sure they are as accessible as possible. Improve communication between the Students’ Union, the University, JCRs, and 3rd Party service providers so that they prioritise student welfare. Promote the services and support offered by our new mental and sexual health workers, and support the launch of UNIPOL.

Will Cooling

Representational Associations Officer
Role: Supporting student groups that represent minorities or other discriminated/marginalised groups within the Students’ Union.

Shabba Vaithianathan

Equal Opportunities Officer
Role: Ensuring that equality is a prominent feature throughout the University by working and campaigning closely with underrepresented groups throughout the Students’ Union.

Ian Braithwaite

Intersite & Residential Associations Officer
Role: The link between the Students’ Union and those students based at other sites of the University. The voice of these students on the Exec, ensuring that the Union thinks with these students in mind.

Becky King

Finance and Services Officer
Role: Overseeing the Union finances and ensuring that its funds are spent efficiently and to the benefit of students. Developing the Union’s commercial services including the SU shops, the travel and print shops and the brand spanking new bars Mooch and the Venue.

Elle Hosie

Student-Run Services
Role: Represent student groups like Impact, URN, Karni, Week One and New Theatre, to name but a few, on the Executive.

Chloe Cheeseman

Environmental and Social Justice Officer
Role: The conscience of the Students’ Union, representing the causes that students care about, and helping them to be vocal, political and active in their struggles.

Heather Saxton


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