If any of you have “mooched” on down to the new Ark, you’ll definitely have noticed a change. Gone is the run down, smelly, uncomfortable place we knew and loved (when drunk) and in its place a bright bar with contemporary character. We always knew what to expect with the ark, like it was our loyal friend: sticky floors, nasty toilets, plastic cups and if you were hungry, a packet of crisps would have to suffice. The Mooch, however, has exceeded our expectations. Already, it is buzzing day and night and the vibrancy of the terrace entices people in even more. Despite The Mooch looking classier, drinks prices remain the same and with more efficient and considerate service, we really can’t complain. Food is served daily until 9pm and the menu is designed for students. From traditional beans on toast at £2 to more acquired flavours such as Thai fish cakes at £3.19, there really is something to suit everybody’s taste and bank balance.

Whereas the early success of the Mooch has established its role for the year, only the weekend line-up of The Venue has been set in stone. ‘Anthems’ on a Friday promises club music and classic tunes and we hope to see the pledged guest DJs and celebrity appearances soon. Our uni has also joined in on the flirt! craze which is being brought to us every Saturday night. With pop classics being played and a chance to witness the effects of a Rag Raid first hand, it’s bound to be a special night. Despite The Venue’s promoters hinting at live band nights and other events during the week, these are yet to be confirmed.

Our new Student Union venues offer us something completely different to what we have been used to. It’s now a place that we respect and are proud of, as opposed to somewhere where dropping your pint of snakebite and throwing up wasn’t even given a second thought! We are glad that the £860,000 make-over has been worth it.

Steph Aldrich and Jessica Bamford


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