Snug Review

Snug Review:

Fresher’s week is full of expected drunken debauchery, but after the week one festivities are over you may find yourself thinking that you haven’t really had a decent conversation with the people you’ve met (“I went to Ocean last night and had a really good chat” is not a phrase I’ve ever heard anyway!) If this is you, then why not pay a visit to Snug on a Tuesday for a classier and more cosy social experience, which promises live acoustic music, cheap drinks and resident DJ Newmano. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have the intention of having “a few quiet drinks” when you walk through Snug’s doors, but when decent wine is only £8 a bottle and a talented Will Bushell is hitting all the right notes, you’ll soon be singing along in your drunken state. Once the acoustic music has finished downstairs; the hip hop, electro and funky house kicks off upstairs – all perfectly timed to match your “I’m drunk, I want to dance” mood. The dance floor isn’t huge, but as its name suggests: ‘Snug’ provides an intimate area to cut some shapes. Other perks include: free lollypops, easy access to the smoking area that is ideal for ‘smirting’ (smoking and flirting) and a chilled atmosphere which is perfect for a date and equally ideal for larger parties. All in all, this is a great evening which appeals to all tastes. ….. Definitely worth a snuggle.

Steph Aldrich


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