Victory for Library Card Fees Campaign

Those prone to losing their library cards will be pleased to learn that the £20 replacement fee has been lowered, after vigorous protesting by students.

Last year Nsikan Edung and Shaun Slator, both then 2nd year students, started a petition to persuade the university to reduce the fee to £10 and to ensure that a stolen card could be replaced free of charge with a valid crime number. As well as the petition, which was signed by 2000 staff and students in two days, the students set up a Facebook group that became the most popular in Nottingham for a three week period.

The campaign reached its climax on Thursday 7th June at 1pm when Shaun, Nsikan and a group of fellow activists climbed onto the roof of the Portland Building with banners and placards. The roof-top protest was supported by some members of the SU Exec and URN and was covered by BBC East Midlands Today and the Nottingham Evening Post. The SU have now announced that after ongoing discussions between themselves and the University, the charge has been lowered to £15 and stolen cards will be replaced free of charge. Although the new fee falls shy of the intended £10, Nsikan and Shaun are pleased with the result.

Next on their agenda is a petition to “Bring Home the Bacon”, after a decision by Nottingham Hospitality to discontinue cooked breakfasts in Halls of Residence, effective immediately. The boys are urging people to show their support for the campaign by signing the petition and joining the Facebook group they have set up.
by Priya Majeethia


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