5 steps to becoming a global goddess

1. Gather your tribe members. Team effort is essential to begin the getting ready ritual transformation.

2. Pick your role model. Will you be embracing your inner Pocahontas or unleashing Xena warrior princess in the quest for global style? If Disney characters and channel 5 leading ladies do not appeal then take inspiration from the top trend-setters of the moment. Diversities from Juliette (and the Licks) Lewis to Victoria Beckham, Natasha (Bat for Lashes) Khan to Sarah Jessica Parker and as always Miss Moss have all adopted elements of the global into their own unique styles.

3. Choose your print. Leopard, Zebra and Ethnic should only be worn head to toe if it’s fancy dress or D&G. For catwalk chic a striking statement piece such as print peep-toe platforms, as previewed by the SATC girls on set of their new film, is far more effective. Less is more.

4. Accessorize and Adorn. The Bat for Lashes girls are the current reigning queens of embellishment, with sparkling sequinned flapper headbands, peacock feathers, fur, tribal necklaces, beads, cuffs, studs, spiritual stones and an array of colour. More is more.

5. Put on War Paint. In no way are we thinking new rave neon, but when preparing for battle, bright and bold is the only way to go with global makeup. Accentuate the eyes with blocks of purple, emerald, fuchsia, gold or orange. Masi warrior face paint optional.

Now go forth and conquer the world.

by Farah Shafiq

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