Firefly Review

Firefly Review:

Saturday 27th October
Gracing Nottingham’s premier breaks and techno night Firefly this month was Ibizan veteran John Acquaviva and the no-nonsense London-based female duo Dollz at Play. Kicking off the night to albeit a modest crowd were the two lovely ladies. One would assume that with a reputation for up-beat electro, techno and a big hit of let’s go the crowd would be lapping it up like a big chunk of Gouda on a sumptuous piece of fruity malt loaf. However the crowd did not get truly revved up until the arrival of John Aqaiviva’s bubbly prog-house and tech-genius mash-ups. The gentle Canadian had us all dancing like our dads on the dance floor, flailing limbs, Adidas classics and psychedelic glow sticks.
As always, the tried and tested residents Thrash Jelly, James Alexander and Rip-off brought us technically sound, foot-stomping melodic mayhem. Although you are always guaranteed not to be disappointed at the Garvey, you can come away with the impression that £13 entry is quite steep for effectively just one room with a pseudo-chill out area in the corner comprising of several bean bags and camo-net curtains.

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