Goji Review

Goji Oriental Buffet:

2-4 Adams Walk, Fletcher Gate,
TEL: 0115 924 2818
Website: www.lifeatgoji.com
Opening times: Daily; 12pm – late
Average spend: Min £7.95 Max (2 courses) £10.95 (3 courses £13.700

Goji, an exciting new Oriental restaurant recently opened in the Lace Market, adds a splash of sophistication to the typical Oriental buffet. The restaurant is decorated in a modern Oriental style, with vases of bamboo scattered throughout and tables set against the back-drop of an elaborate water-feature. The buffet is divided into starter and main dishes, with each section offering a wide variety of delicious and exciting Oriental cuisine. The dishes are a mix of commonly known favourites and interesting, slightly different combinations. I was struck by the attention that the waiting staff pay to the buffet, keeping it piping hot and regularly changed, in order to retain the delicate flavours. An aspect of Goji that sets it apart from other Oriental restaurants is its dedication to cooking authentic Oriental food that doesn’t just taste wonderful, but is healthy as well. The food is prepared using fresh ingredients and does not include flavour enhancers.
I was impressed by the attention the staff paid to the customers, ensuring that everyone was well-looked after and made to feel welcome. The only criticism that I have of the buffet is the quality and selection of deserts on offer. The Oriental theme does not run through the desert menu and instead the diner is presented with a limited selection of dull and poor-tasting dishes. As desert is not included in the price of the buffet, in my opinion these dishes are not worth paying extra for.
Overall Goji is a beautifully and innovatively designed establishment, which offers a wide-ranging selection of delicious Oriental cuisine at a very reasonable price.

By Susan Wareham


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