Money Matters

Money Matters

When it comes to money most of us will freely admit that (unfathomably) a vast proportion of our loan is gradually eroded into night after night over the university term. Evenings out are undoubtedly one of the main culprits for the disarray of most student’s finances and so this issue Impact investigate three options for you and your money on a night out.

Chuck it at a Charity:

If you’re the conscientious, considerate type, how about giving something back when you’re out and about? Various charity run events are taking place all over Nottingham so why not combine your night out with a bit of good old fashioned fundraising? It it’ll certainly take the edge of the money guilt!

Amnesty have an active branch in Nottingham University so its very easy to get involved. For the more adventurous of you, Amnesty organise events to raise awareness and money for worthwhile causes. Last month Amnesty organised a sponsored ‘sleep out.’
The most ethically fulfilling and challenging way to spend a Friday night, sleeping alfresco in nothing but a sleeping bag and cardboard box outside the Portland Building. The campaign is in aid of protesting the conditions refugee and asylum seekers live in, in and around Nottingham. The protesters collected money throughout the night from bewildered passers by staggering out of the Ark. In total the protesters raised £500 for the cause. To get involved with more Amnesty projects check out their facebook group or come along to a meeting Thursdays at 2pm in West Concourse room in the Portland building.

By Catriona Nunn

Dreams of Africa:
‘Dreams of Africa’ put on a gig abundant with awe-inspiring mixes of great live music from some of the best up and coming bands in the country surrounded by one hell of a DJ set last month in our very own on campus club, The Venue. Their regular DJ played a set at the V-Festival so the music was perfect to shake your hips and have a little jump about to. In short the ‘Dreams of Africa’ nights make lots of money for charity, (the first raised £750!) whilst also putting on awesome spectacles of live music where you can have fun and really loose control!

The idea is that having been so inspired the night before, whilst nursing your hang-over the next morning you can sign up to their bi-monthly newsletter. You will receive a slideshow presentation about a whole host of topics to get your conscience churning. So not only can you party and have a great time while doing good, you can extend this act of charity by increasing your own awareness of some of the biggest challenges facing Africa’s people today. That is what we call a bonanza of a deal! So check out www.dreamsofafrica.co.uk for the next gig and to sign-up.

By Dennis

Planet Nottingham:
Planet Nottingham is organized by Penny Poyzer and Pete Jordan, who is a big name on the DJ scene. The most recent event was hosted at the Marcus Garvy Halls, where dancers enjoyed visual VJing to accompany an impressive line-up. The visuals were really expressive, even though towards the end of the evening visuals of clowns and zombies filled the screen, which was quite unnerving. DJ Yoda did a great set, playing a mix of experimental tunes, which created a great vibe. The atmosphere in the smoking area was also good, with lots of Trent students hanging around. There was lots of dancing and hat wearing and debauchery for kids wanting to raise environmental awareness. The event aims to raise awareness amongst students, as we are one of the biggest consumers of waste. The organisers are hoping for a bigger audience next time, as this event was not a sell-out. So if you enjoy dancing to break music accompanied by an incredible light and image display get down to the next Planet Nottingham.

By Gwen Brinton

Karni- Seven-legged bar crawl:
Karni has been responsible for many a drunken yet charitable night out and last month Nottingham witnessed the biggest and best seven-legged bar crawl to date, when over 4,500 students made their way to the city centre in even more extravagant and original fancy dress than ever before. After the success of last year everyone was wondering if this year’s seven-legged could top that of 2006, but we Nottingham students do not fail to impress! An astounding effort went into the costumes, with some very original ideas, ranging from pac-men to a set of crayons!

Barmen and bouncers all over Nottingham were once again baffled by the chains of students walking/staggering/falling from bar to bar, hearing chants of “one, two, one, two…”, as the students attempted to make it to Ocean or Oceana tied to five of their friends. So once again, an amazing night was had by all. Bring on seven-legged 2008!

By Christy Thatcher

Spoil Yourself:

We may be students but who’s to say we can’t treat ourselves once in a while? Despite its often grotty reputation, Nottingham’s definitely got a classy side that’s worth checking out for a rare night of frivolous spending.

Hart’s Restaurant:
Part of Hart’s hotel, this contemporary restaurant is the ideal fine dining establishment for anyone looking to treat themselves to an exquisite meal in a cosy yet sophisticated environment. Being located at the end of the Ropewalk the usual customers appeared to be those elusive residents of the illustrious Park, yet due to the friendly and welcoming staff we were in no way made to feel out of place as students. The service was impeccable from the moment we arrived to the minute we left with perfectly attentive waiting staff throughout the meal.

The restaurant has a refined yet comfortable feel attributable to the dim lighting and snug seating booths. As it was a week night we chose from the set menu which is surprisingly good value. For £22.50 Hart’s offer a three course meal with a choice of two dishes for each. For starter the ham hock terrine was full of interesting flavours and the other option of butternut squash soup was deliciously creamy and tasty making for a great vegetarian alternative. Main course options were a fish dish of pan fried coral perch or braised collar of pork. Both meals tasted absolutely exquisite, cooked to perfection and presented as a work of art. Finally for desert neither of us could resist the passion fruit soufflé, the perfect ending to the meal, being as light as air and refreshingly fruity. Hart’s provides the highest standards of cuisine and service for a price that is not beyond the average student’s reach.

By Pippa Irvine

Saint Bar:
For those of you who are sick of drinking for the sake of drunkenness, why not spend a bit of cash in one of Nottingham’s most sophisticated cocktail bars. Part of the Lace Market hotel, Saint Bar is certainly among the classier of our city’s drinking establishments proclaiming itself as ‘the natural hiding place of Nottingham’s bons viveurs’.

The interior feels quite glitzy with its marble bar, mood lighting and luxurious leather couches. Drinks prices match this lavish atmosphere with cocktails ranging between £7 and £12. It is their vast catalogue of cocktails that the bar prides itself on however and they really are delicious. If you’re feeling glamorous try the champagne cocktail ‘Wish upon a Star’, a morish blend of fresh raspberries, cassis, lemon juice and champagne and to ease your conscience of the extravagance £1 of the cost is donated to charity. For the more adventurous; brave the Zombie, with its contents of five different types of rum guests are strictly limited to two per night. If you’re not afraid to dent the bank account then Saint Bar is the perfect upmarket establishment to escape the usual student binge holes.

By Pippa Irvine

Save It:

If you are trying to save the pennies but still want to have a good time you can still spend a little, live a lotto! Whether it be staying in (which you could do for free, but lets face it you’re always going to have more fun if you spend a little) or going out, there is still fun to be had for £1-£5!

Instead of that swanky £50 meal try the slightly more modest option of a Sainsbury’s Basics meal: 99p! If you fancy squandering a little more, splash out on some tea candles 29p each to try and create a romantic atmosphere, if only to take the edge off the food. Already a thrifty £49.01 saving, think of the opportunity cost.

Going Out:
If you are frantic to get out then try The Happy Return in Lenton. If you are feeling thirsty then head down to this cheap and cheerful student Pub on a Thursday evening for Ladies Night. Boys dressed as girls or girls staying as girls, everyone can take advantage of the all you can drink for £5 deal. It’s not hard to get your moneys worth! Wherever you go from there its going to be a good night!

If it’s not alcohol you’re after then how about a free trip to the Hallward library. The 24 hour social scene is buzzing with a guarantee of as much flirting and mingling as on a night out.

By Catriona Nunn


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