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    SWISS TECH 6in1 utilikey

On first impression, this really is a cool looking tool – it comes in a sleek metal tin, presumably designed to be gift wrapped. The utili-key itself looks like a relic from some space aged future, and the philips screwdriver is probably the most noticeable detail when in the key formation. Then comes the first problem…opening the thing. I’m someone who will not look at the instructions until I really have to, and it took three other people all trying and reading the instructions before the bloody thing actually opened. Once opened, I very nearly had a finger chopped off. The sharp knife, with both a straight and serrated qualities is practically impossible to handle without severe injury. A major flaw in design there, although the instructions do warn you of this. The second problem – I could only identify four of the alleged 6 tools – Where was the “flat screwdriver” and the “micro eye screwdriver? Yet another person came in to help find these features. Both extra screwdrivers are on an end of the utili key, but are only accessible if the knife edge of the gadget is handled. I’d rather not be gushing blood when fixing my glasses, thank you very much. I guess it would be good in an emergency, and it has a nice look to it when attached niftily to my set of keys; I think however it would be less hassle to cycle to Beeston and buy an actual tool kit than risk the trip to A&E.

(Swiss Tech 6-in-1 utili-key, £9.99 from

Tash Beecher

    Cheap bike pump in Wilkos/ Wilkinsons: the one that’s £1.79

(Cheap junk more like. It’s not made in China by migrant workers, it’s made by even cheaper prisoners in the UK.)I bought this pump and slightly bent the nozzle bit and the rubber just snapped. No more nozzle.I recommend the smaller 2-valve pump for three times the price. The cheap pump broke and it was very awkward. You see every time I cycle to Long Eaton I seem to get a flat tyre. Something to do with all the curbs along the cycle track.

Ben Samuel


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